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Player Probe: Lucy Reiman

9 months ago By Sarah Woolway

The Ladies 4s midfielder and latest addition to the Over 35s' squad answers our questions


Which team do you currently play for? Barnes 1s drinking team (AKA the Ladies 4s)

How many seasons have you played for BHC? Around 4 years – wow, doesn’t time just fly when you’re having the best hockey fun times ever!

Previous clubs? Hamble and Kenley – I played for my hometown club (Hamble) with Foz ‒ blame him for bringing me into the Barnes fold!

What position do you play? Mainly on the floor, and occasionally in midfield

What is your nickname? A fair few over the years: The Enforcer, Juicemeister, Juicy, Juice, Dr Juice, Reimo, Reimdog, Just-one-more, Kneedy, Spillage Idiot

What is the most impressive thing you’ve done on a hockey pitch? Numerous awarding-winning dives purely for attention and dramatic effect. I did manage to score a goal whilst in a flat-out full-frontal floor dive this season though, which I am told was quite impressive.

What is your proudest hockey achievement? Erm – easy. Beating the Barman in an epic strawpedo competition at the Mad Cows Hockey Festival in Dorset – I had a crowd of ~15 drunk hockey teams chanting my Nickname ‘Juice, Juice, Juice, Juice’ and the whole bar cheered my triumphant win. I won the Barman’s T-shirt and all my drinks were free for the rest of the night. One of the truly proudest moments of my life.

Most embarrassing thing you’ve done on a hockey pitch? What, me do embarrassing things?! Wouldn’t ever happen mate.

Best player you’ve played with or against? All the O35s team all do amazing stuff – they let me play once when they were short of players. [Ed: And it should be added that you equipped yourself so well that you are playing in this weekend's Quarter-Final]

Favourite Barnes HC social? I loved the karaoke one ‒ what ever happened to that? #bringbackkaraokenightsplease
Other than that, just the spontaneous Saturday day-to-night go-with-the-flow socials are my absolute fave nights

What do you get up to when you are not playing hockey? Despite appearances, drinking abilities, and complete lack of common sense, I have quite a geeky sensible job in medical communications, and (shock horror) I have a PhD in Microbiology. I think that’s why I tend to over compensate with my let-loose YOLO behaviour at weekends.

What would your coach put on your report card? Stop going around in circles, and release the bl**dy ball earlier!


Best trainer? The Sanj/Capt-Ash combo – this season, they’ve managed to turn the 4s rabble into an unbeaten top-of-the-league* winning machine
*Essentially, we’re league winners unless we completely mess up the last few games…

Most likely to wind the umpires up? Finchy with her cheeky backchat banter.

Most likely to wind the opposition up? Again, Finchy. Probably me a close second – but surely a few ‘accidental’ shoulder barges and tiny inoffensive stick tackles never hurt anyone?!

Worst dress sense? Hard to say really ‒ we are all just so rock-n-roll and on-trend – especially ‘cool’ as the Jamaican bobsled team on Saturday night, working the ‘drunk off our faces’ look – it certainly went downhill very fast anyway!

Team joker? Again, hard to say ‒ the quality of general ‘team bants’ this season has been consistently strong. I think I’m gonna say a Forrest-Reimo combo, for so many dumb things said and done – we keep the team entertained through, which is the main thing.

Most skilful player? Forrest – amazing all-round stuff – great skills both in the bar and on the pitch!

Hardest strike? Ash or Ann – don’t make me choose or they’ll take a strike at me!

Strongest tackle? Tash – it’s like trying to run the ball through an actual brick wall. Jess also a strong contender.

And finally…who is most likely and/or unlikely to get the first round in? Ann is usually the instigator of the prosecco day drinking proceedings. BTW, shouldn’t this most important question be first?

Updated 23:12 - 20 Mar 2018 by Sarah Woolway

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